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Chapter ELEVEN

“Tis the Star-spangled banner; O’ long may it wave. O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”- Francis Scott Key – 1814

I walked into the auditorium, shocked to see how many people were already sitting in their chairs, silently waiting to hear the reasons we were gathered at this secret location. The silence was disturbing, indicating without doubt the severity of the situation, emphasizing the importance of the information we would all be exposed to. Everyone sat patiently with a stapled packet of papers on their laps, without even a whisper among themselves or immediate neighbors. Someone handed me my packet just before directing me to my seat. I looked around me once more and noticed all the seats were now occupied. No spare chairs, no one standing except for the few obvious security personnel. The diversity of this crowd was a beautiful example of the diversity allowed in this country. I sat between a man who looked about my age and a young woman who couldn’t possibly be older than eighteen.

“So who’s playing?” As I would at a concert, I tried my best to impress the young woman with my humor and a lit lighter. She responded with a dirty look instead of an empathic smile, something I was becoming quite accustomed to as of late.

Celeste then took the stage. In silent awe, I appreciated how the light bathed her in a warm halo, outlining the silhouette of her figure underneath her boring beige suit, one I don’t think she knew was a bit transparent. Once again I thought back to that night we shared together, not caring one bit now that it was all an act. It wasn’t an act for me and I still find comfort in knowing her body, knowing her lips and how she tasted. She may have been able to fake who she was, but her body, her erect nipples and goose bumps that covered her arms and legs when I kissed her neck, and even the way her body trembled during orgasm were all very real. No matter how masterful a woman can be, her body will always betray her. I knew this because my entire experience with women has been to better myself as a lover. I went to great lengths and many demeaning experiences to learn the truth behind pleasing a woman. All women are different, all women have their own unique erogenous zones. One may like her feet kissed, others their necks. Some like their breasts caressed gently while others like to be bitten. But one thing is the same with women. They all need to feel empowered, even if their desires are more submissive. They are most turned on at knowing, no matter how their encounter goes, they are in complete control. Celeste was no different. She was in complete control, I at her total mercy, until my mouth gently found her own unique zones, and her body gave her away, releasing her, just for a short time, from the character she was commissioned to play. So beautiful that night, so beautiful this woman, even if it didn’t mean anything to her, it meant the world to me.

“Novus Ordo Mundi.” Celeste stood tall with her hands clasped in front of her and her expression the same seriousness the tone of her voice implied. “Novus Ordo Mundi, an ideal we believe originated in the early 1900s with an individual known as Cecil Rhodes. Cecil was an advocate who believed the United States and British Empire should unite and impose a Federal World Government in an effort to bring about world peace. Cecil, along with Lionel Curtis, founded the Rhodes-Milner Round Table groups in 1909, leading to the establishment of the British based Royal Institute for International Affairs in 1919 and the U.S. based Council on Foreign Relations in 1920. These ideals were further developed with the help of Edward House and Woodrow Wilson to set up the League of Nations. Further influences to these organizations included the influences of H.G.Wells, also known as a vigorous advocate for a World Government.
Novus Ordo Mundi, or “New World Order.” New World Order is an old term with elements of its ideals dating back into the 19th century, and boldly showing its true colors well into the 20th Century. President George H. W. Bush’s speech on Sept 11, 1991 described the United States’ objectives for post-cold-war cooperation with Russia, specifically using the phrase, “New World Order.” At this point in time, it’s easier to point out those who aren’t part of this agenda. Throughout the 20th century it has come to our attention that such families as Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgans, Kissingers, Schroders and even the DuPonts, as well as European monarchs, were indeed prominent members in organizations supporting the NWO ideals. If you notice anything about these names and their history, it is their importance and influence in such things as the international world of banking, commerce, arts, entertainment and yes, even the mass media, where we trusted the news being reported.

Other organizations now recognized as NWO advocates include the World Bank, IMF, European Union and the United States, as well as the United Nations and NATO.”

Showing on the screen behind Celeste was an image of the Great Seal of the United States. The bald Eagle with outstretched wings, one talon holding thirteen arrows, to represent the thirteen colonies, the other grasping an olive branch with thirteen leaves and thirteen olives, also known to represent war and peace. The Eagle’s head faces the direction of the olive branch, representing peace. Within its beak is a banner saying “E Pluribus Unum,” or “Out of Many, One.” Over its head is a “glory” with thirteen stars on a blue field, forming the Star of David.
“July 4th, 1776, the Continental Congress commissioned for the design of a Great Seal for this country. A seal that would be used to authenticate all government documents. September 16th, 1782, this seal was first used to verify and validate documents signed by George Washington.”
With a click a new image popped up on the screen showing the reverse side of the Great Seal in large detail. The first thing I noticed was the inscription of “Novus Ordo Seclorum” or a New Order of the Ages in a banner draped along the bottom of the seal. Above it were the words “Annuit Cœptis” meaning, “He has approved our undertakings,” signified by the Eye of Providence, or All-Seeing Eye. There are thirteen layers to the brick pyramid and the date 1776 etched at the base in Roman numerals. This part of the Great Seal was never cut, but does appear still on all our American one dollar bills.

“As you can see by this seal and the markings and phrases on it, a World wide unified government was ultimately an ideal worth pursuing; although I doubt at that time they intentionally created this seal for that purpose. It wouldn’t be until many years later that the ideals of a NWO would become a realistic possibility, however not without its set backs.
In 1926, July’s issue of the Saturday Evening Post used the term New World Order when describing the work of Edward M. House when aiding in the establishment of the League of Nations as well as the Council of Foreign Relations.

In 1930, Hitler himself tried to impose his ideals on a global scale, convincing his followers that they were protecting their own great nation in doing so.

In 1935 decisions were made to include both sides of the Great Seal on our One Dollar bills.

The year 1938 brought us a book titled The Commonwealth of God, in which Lionel Curtis encouraged the US and British Empire to jointly impose a World Government, presented as the “work of God.”

In 1940, H.G.Wells released his book titled, The New World Order.” The screen then changed to a quote from the book: “…when the struggle seems to be drifting definitely towards a world social democracy, there may still be very great delays and disappointments before it becomes an efficient and beneficent world system. Countless people…will hate the new world order…and will die protesting against it.”

“In 1943 the term “ONE WORLD” was born in a book by the same title written by a liberal Republican named Wendell Wilkie, outlining his 31,000 mile trek around the world in an effort to meet with Allied war leaders.

In 1944 the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed, outlining a regime for a post WWII world economy.

We all remember 1945 when the United Nations was founded.

In 1946 the Baruch Plan got support for the establishment of a world government based on complete control of atomic weapons, advocating the use of atomic monopoly to compel the assent of the Soviet Union if necessary, at the discretion of the United States and United Kingdom.
In 1954, the Bilderberg Group was founded.

The European Common Market was formed in 1957, changing its name in 1992 to the European Union.

In 1961, Arnold Toynbee, a British historian offered an extensive analysis of the rise and fall of civilizations. He was quoted saying, “ in the present Atomic Age we shall not have assured the survival of the human race until we have established a world-government and made the present national governments subordinate to it.”

Many of you didn’t know that 1973 brought us the Trilateral Commission, an organization used to promote closer political and economic cooperation between numerous nations.

The year 1974 brought us the Universal Product Code, a method established to follow the purchases and whereabouts of store bought items.

Our former president gave his famous speech, “Toward a New World Order,” to a joint session of the US Congress in 1990.

The induction of the World Trade Organizations happened in 1995.

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), became widely known by 1997 in which the following was quoted, “The process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl harbor” Who can ever forget that 2001 brought us that “new Pearl Harbor,” followed shortly by the Patriot Act.

By 2002 the FDA approved the manufacturing of the ValorChip Microchip implant. The year 2002 also brought us a fully documented post, National Security Strategy of the United States, primarily composed by Neo-conservative Paul Wolfowitz. This document outlines the Bush Doctrine for a pre-emptive war, asserting that the United States Military should have imperium over the entire planet Earth. This is the first of its kind to openly declare the establishment of American Imperialism.

In 2003 The Bush Doctrine implemented its invasion of Iraq, launching the Iraqi War.

In 2006 the US Congress passed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 enabling the executive branch to designate US citizens, foreign nationals and other world citizens as unlawful enemy combatants, thus stripping them of their citizenship. This opened the doors for legal torture and detention of all those accused for an unlimited period of time, being declined all constitutional rights to a jury of peers, as well as admissible evidence gathered without the normal legal protocol. 2006 also brought us the beginning of the implant, used mostly in Mexico on prisoners.
In 2007, history again was made when an amendment was added to our constitution outlining the conditions which would allow a president to stay in office past the two term stipulations as mentioned in a previous amendment to our constitution.

Once again our constitution was updated in 2008 so that citizens could no longer own firearms unless they agree to act as police for the government, advancing the chip usage to military enlistees and militia volunteers.

In 2009 there was a request submitted with the signatures of all congress and senate seats approving the elimination of paper money. An outline was drawn up to slowly wean citizens from their paper money to a credit system that would be tracked via the ValorChip.

Huge strides were taken by 2010 when they started actively incorporating the ValorChip into all newborns. This chip was still in its infancy, offered only to those who would volunteer. What you all don’t know is in 2011 they started implanting these chips, unbeknownst to the patient. Many of you were already familiar with much of what I outlined here. What you didn’t know is the importance of having all of us implanted with these chips. This was a business deal made between those in charge and many of the larger Pharmaceutical companies. These companies were commissioned behind closed doors to fabricate a terrible illness, one that would require a vaccine in order to survive. They called this disease HRP1, or as you all know it, Afterns Disease. With the huge cooperation of FOX news and CNN, along with the local reporting agencies, this disease was advertised as widely threatening. Many people, in a panic, rushed to their doctors for this vaccine. The true nature of the vaccine, a placebo, was to implant this chip.”

Another picture appeared on the screen showing the actual size of this chip, a dot on the tip of a finger barely visible on the large screen on which it’s shown. I had known for many years about the chip, assuming as most had, its size being much larger. This chip was small enough to be inhaled without knowledge; a small detail with huge implications. “What was originally nothing more than an interesting concept has now become more than ever a very real threat to our country and all the people that live here. New World Order is very real and very possible now. We are in the final stages of its induction.”

“So what’s the hold-up now?” I simply couldn’t help myself to ask.

“Mr. Peckerstan,” Celeste said with special emphasis on the ‘Pecker’ part of my name. Everyone chuckled, I frowned. “I will have an open forum for questions when I’m finished.” And once again, all was uncomfortably silenced.

“When our ancestors, our original ancestors, arrived on this great land, the majority of its population consisted of natural wildlife and scattered tribes of Native Americans, as we refer to them. By 1775 our population had reached 3 million. That’s one man per square mile. 1915 saw its 100 million mark, followed by 200 million in 1967. In 52 years we saw a 50% increase in our over-all population, with approximately 6% being of foreign ethnicity. At this time concerns arose at the speed in which our population had increased, concerns about our resources and our nation’s ability to provide for all its citizens. Television shows like “Lost in Space” promoted the idea of an overcrowding problem, looking to the stars to find room for all the people. By 1972, our own J.D. Rockefeller addressed the Population Commission stating overcrowding as a serious problem. The future environmental impact would be devastating, he stressed. The year 2006 brought with it 300 million people. 100 million newcomers in about 38 years! The ratio had changed dramatically, with 67% White, 15% Hispanic 13% African American and 5% other. Many, maybe even most, of the population increase came from illegal citizens and those born here from immigrants. We averaged, at our peak, over 1 million newcomers every four months. We rank as the third most populated nation, only after China and India. What’s predicted is roughly 400 million by 2043. So Mr. Peckerstan, you can see how this may be an issue to any form of global compliancy.”

Instant embarrassment, as you can imagine.

“One of the largest problems, as proven throughout history, is that diversity causes conflicts. The more people there are, the more opposing opinions there will be. A family with one child will offer more peace in the home than a family of 5 or more, a minuscule example of the big picture. Things like religion and political stance have escalated to violence, to such a degree wars between entire nations were started. You’ve all seen the changes in the last 10 years, the freedoms taken away, traditions no longer acceptable, traditions like the Pledge of Allegiance before class starts, or Christmas carols sung on street corners. Have you all ignored a lack of public pride in who you are and what you believe? Churches no longer have crosses or stars, artwork and books banned from schools, prayers no longer ‘allowed’ in public. It’s all changed.”

I could tell Celeste was getting emotional. Her mannerisms had changed from a professional stance to one of pacing and hand gestures. She got silent for just a moment, regained her composure, then once again took on her professional façade, lacking any warmth in her eyes or welcoming feel in her tone.

“Efforts had been made throughout the last 80 years to alleviate the fast increase in our population. Things like AIDS and the Asian Flu were manufactured diseases, released in certain areas to try and contain the increase. Wars, although not intentionally part of this particular issue, were also aids in slowing down the growth. These methods may have worked had it not been for the unlimited freedom this country still had to explore and invest in cures.
Other approaches used were the testing of environmental warfare. This is the harnessing and complete control of such things as weather, earthquakes and tsunamis, to such extent that one could simply cause a ‘natural’ event anytime they wanted and anywhere they desired. Fortunately, this is still in its experimental phase. As we all well know, you cannot control what’s naturally superior.

I want you all now to take notice of the packet you hold in your hands. This information was, until now, classified; ONLY known to those holding the highest positions in office.”
The noise of everyone addressing the packets was startlingly disturbing. The aura of the room was thick, the break in its uncanny silence was numbing. I took a moment to look around the room, noticing as much detail as possible; the people around me, the room we were in, and the mannerisms of those listening. When I opened the packet, I understood why.
Project G.I.

The opening page laid out the outline of the document, including all the previous enlightenments Celeste had discussed. One heading caught my attention and sent chills throughout my body, followed by the natural reaction of sweaty palms.
Population Management
Racial Confrontations
Introduction of Racial conflicts
Activation of Militia
Strategies for resolution
Enactment of New Globally recognized Constitution

What made this document most frightening were the pages and pages separated by nations’ of signatures, not just from our own congressmen, senate, Vice President and President, but all the leaders of every country on this planet, past and present, with the first signatures dating back to 1963. Attached to the back of this document, was a copy of the new Constitution. This was indeed a global project!

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