Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chapter FOUR

“Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” --Amendment I

Each time I logged onto GLP to read the days reports, I noticed fewer and fewer recognized names. The site had become less and less informative. Most of the topics being discussed at that time revolved around missing members. Many were killed, sharing the same fate as my neighbors had, as GLP was a haven for pro-gun enthusiasts who swore death with their guns still in their hands. Others were simply afraid to share any more of their opinions on an open forum and out of fear simply stopped posting.

It was shortly after the fatal shoot-out in my neighborhood when I began sharing my own tale of corruption, elaborating in excruciating detail everything I had witnessed, being sure to share with anyone who would listen the name of that family and for what they died. I wanted the entire world to know what we were experiencing behind our borders. I was interrupted at one point by a personal message directing me to open up my mailbox. I didn’t recognize the name of the individual contacting me which would normally result in instant deletion. Instead I clicked on the message and was rewarded with nothing more than eleven numbers. No dashes, no parenthesis, just a string of numbers. I wrote back inquiring the nature of those numbers, only to be instantly responded with a “User unknown” message. Thinking it might be a phone number, I dialed all the digits, only to hear that widely recognized “The number you have dialed is disconnected” message. I tried to see these numbers as coordinates, taking out my world map in a desperate effort to find a correlating location. My home phone rang which struck me odd because I never used my home phone nor did I recall ever giving its number to anyone. After 3 rings I picked up and greeted the caller but only heard, “Use the computer, time is running out,” followed by the click of our call being disconnected. I analyzed for a moment the voice which sounded enhanced, like it was computer generated sounds instead of an actual person speaking.
“Use the computer,” I repeated to myself while staring at the 11 numbers on my screen. I was more focused on the mission than trying to rationalize how this individual, apparently connected to those numbers, knew when I had checked the message and how to contact me through an unlisted number.

I typed the numbers in the search box on my computer which led me to a list of different links that included these numbers, but most of them not in the order given me. I wondered then if it was an actual address. I typed in the web address box, and was instantly taken to a website that started playing a movie entitled, “What You Should KNOW.” The movie lasted an hour and filled my eyes and senses with so much pre-9/11 information, I couldn’t process it quickly enough. When the film was over I tried to replay it so that I could take notes and document this information. When I did, the screen went blank then reloaded to an error message stating the address no longer existed, which now leaves me with the tedious task of documenting for you what I can recall about the movie.

I remember the date, July 2000, and something about the Drug Enforcement Agency discovering a privately owned jet filled with over 43 pounds of heroin. The plane was registered through a company called Huffman Aviation, owned by Wally Hilliard. Wally never saw time behind bars despite it being the largest heroin seizure Central Florida had seen. In fact, no investigation ever took place. News reported shortly after 9/11 that the FBI received information that up to five hijackers received their training in secure military bases. What struck me as most interesting was the documentation proving two of the well-known terrorists had taken commercial aviation lessons at Huffman Aviation, with one of the men also enrolled in the International Officer’s School, therefore training within military bases as well. So integrated into his role, this man was witnessed being introduced around at officer club parties. Huffman Aviation was not always owned by Wally Hilliard. Prior to Wally’s purchasing the company, the flying lessons catered to a majority American student base. After it’s buy out, American students depreciated and foreign students increased by 80% with most of them being of Middle Eastern ethnicity. The extensive student base was a direct result of recommendations from Osama Bin Laden’s brother, Yeslem Bin Laden, whose financial support also funded plans for a bogus state wide aviation airline backed by Florida’s governor Jebb Bush and the state secretary, Katherine Harris, who were also regular passengers. Despite these private airplanes having a history of drug seizures and drug trafficking to and from Venezuela, the INS certified this company as a full time vocational school.

The web of seemingly unfamiliar events continued with the Sun Cruise line; a dozen or more unlicensed gambling yachts which frequented the coasts of Florida, providing for its passengers illegal activities in the security of open seas. These cruises were the largest unregulated gambling ventures in the USA, with direct ties to organized groups and used specifically to “launder” their finances and investments. Several employees of these cruise lines identified Mohammad Allah, ring leader to one of the Al Qaeda cells, as a regular guest, with registry lists to confirm their claims. These cruises put Mohammad Allah in direct contact with other sources who, it would be later discovered, helped finance the 9/11 attacks. So this was how these attacks were funded; drug trafficking, gambling excursions and bogus businesses!

In San Diego, CA two more known Al Qaeda operatives openly lived with an attested undercover asset, identified as Abdussattar Shaikh, who was working closely with the FBI on terrorist cases. He was recognized as a retired professor of English at San Diego State. It was later disclosed that this known asset NEVER taught at San Diego State, nor was he ever a professor of English, and he possessed a phony PHD from a bogus diploma mill run by people with US military and Intelligence connections.

In June 2001, Saudi Arabia, with backing of the US Embassy, created the Visa Express Program; a program which allowed 15 Saudi men to obtain visas to the USA without investigation, and 3 without ever being interviewed. This program was ONLY done in Saudi Arabia, well known to have a majority population sympathetic to Bin Laden and his ideals. No other country, allies or otherwise, were given the exception of the Visa Express Program, and within Saudi Arabia, no one was denied visas despite documented concerns made to our National Security. Richard Armitige, deputy Secretary of State, rejected recommendations from the Justice department’s Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force, to deny some visas.

During all these fantastic, under-the-radar preparations by Al Qaeda operatives, the good guys, like Robert Right from the FBI, were disclosing claims of blocked attempts in the investigations of these terrorists and went as far as trying to sue the FBI agency for blocking even further his efforts to inform the public of a possible terror strike. He claimed that by blocking these investigations, the FBI became “unwitting accomplices” to Osama Bin Laden’s agenda. The movie showed more and more information backing the assumptions that most of us had: the FBI knew well in advance the real possibility of attack with over 70 documented warnings on record! One particular individual, Cybell Edmonds, a translator for the FBI, had so many gag orders on her, I’m surprised she was able to divulge what little information she had. She was widely known among conspiracy theorists by her very public quote, “I saw papers that show the U.S. knew Al Qa’ida would attack cities with aeroplanes,” with further information claiming specific details to include dates and locations as well as the names of those responsible for the 9/11 attacks! It wasn’t long after these reports came out that we stopped hearing about her. She too, like so many others, simply vanished.

Then came the role of Able Danger, a secret Pentagon program specifically designed to investigate terrorist activities and Al Qaeda ties. Able Danger had all these well-known terrorists under heavy surveillance the entire time they were training and preparing their attacks! One prominent name appeared on several “Terrorist Watch” lists, including the FBI, CIA and the Pentagon’s Able Danger program, yet was still able to enroll in a U.S. Air Force school as well as the privately owned Huffman Aviation.

Submitted to the Special Operations Command or SOCOM, were reports outlining names, photos and cell locations of at least four future hijackers, with recommendations that the FBI take out these cells. Lawyers for SOCOM insisted on the discontinuation of shared information with the FBI, going as far as blocking any further actions against these terrorists or their cells. All of this information eventually escalated to the discontinuation of Able Danger and public denial of its existence, followed by the destruction of all the program’s findings.

There were so many other dates, names and information shared that I can’t recall all the details. I know in 1962 there was an outlined plan by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that suggested a staged terror attack in order to justify military intervention in Cuba. This outline went as far as suggesting drone aircraft with fake victims! This was turned down and President Kennedy dismissed this man from his position. In 1984, NASA experimented with a Boeing 720, intentionally crashing it for fuel research. In 1997, FEMA released a document entitled, “Emergency Response to Terrorism” with the cover depicting the WTC in the crosshair sites of a riffle. In 2000, the Pentagon conducted exercises called MASCAL, which simulated a Boeing 757 crashing into the building, but later dismissed its findings as “improbable and unrealistic.” An F4 navy pilot involved in that exercise retired shortly thereafter to work for American Airlines. It was his plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon that day. In June of 2001, the owner of the WTC 7 signed a 3.2 billion dollar lease for the entire WTC complex. Included in that lease was a 3.5 billion dollar insurance policy that specifically covered acts of terrorism.

The final damning evidence brought out in this movie were the unprecedented amount of Put Options (bets on which stocks would tumble) placed on United Airlines and American Airlines just days before the attacks. The breakdown specified 3150 placed on United Airline’s stock on the 6th of Sept, followed by over 27, 000 placed on Boeing Sept 7th, and over 4500 on American Airlines on Sept 10th. The profits from the Chicago Exchange as a result of these bets exceeded 2.5 million dollars; money that had never been collected.

The most enlightening information I remember was that of a non-profit organization named Project for the New American Century (PNAC) based in Washington, DC. PNAC was an aggressive promoter of American global leadership. The chairman was William Kristol who was also a regular contributor to the Fox News Channel, one of the biggest news reporting agencies of that time. PNAC had outlined specific strategies needed to achieve American Imperialism which included such actions as taking control of energy reserves, invasion of Iraq, Control of Urasia and ambitious proposals to increase military and intelligence spending. PNAC became recognized among conspiracy enthusiasts by its uncanny quote to their outlined agenda, “The process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor”. Nine months later when PNAC rose to realistic possibilities through the current president’s administration, the attacks on 9/11 occurred, coined quite appropriately as “another Pearl Harbor.” This allowed for a quick enactment to the rest of the plan, a plan that included the induction of The Patriot Act.

With all this evidence, all this information that ties so much of the agenda together leading up to the attacks that day, the most shocking revelation was the discovery that all the key players, players like Jebb Bush and Richard Armitige, were in fact members of PNAC. Our president included in his administration many PNAC members to occupy important positions such as John Bolton (Department of State), Elliott Abrams (National Security Council), and the founder of PNAC himself, Richard Cheney who was Vice President of the USA until his sudden death in late 2007.


  1. I am now curious as to whether that Patriot Act is now available to read online or somewhere else. And if that website, if ever real at all was ever reactivated at some point just recently.
    I've hear Micheal Moores been in the know, as well as well as David Icke. Hmmm, my curisoity is so overwelming I may just write that website down and try it, who knows what it may reveal or whatever will show up if anything. Of course it may not be a real site, but anyway, I have nothing else better to do, so here it goes.....

  2. Oh to those of you out there, who want to be in the know now, here it is: drum roll, please? that website will soon be reactivated, known as GLP, science related and all. And William Kristol does exist. He was a correspondant for fox news channel. Now I'm gonna flit back to that link on fox news, ta ta, ha ha. This is real interesting, unlike moi, the old hag that I am.