Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chapter FIVE

“No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice...” -- Section 1, Amendment XXII

Right now, as I’m documenting history from the perspective of an American citizen, our President is entering his 12th year in office. I’m not sure if our governing body is still functioning as it should with the democracy ideals still intact. I’m told we still have a Congress and a Senate, but the true nature of their existence right now is unknown to me. Nothing is being done on a local level either. The extent of violence and lack of authority have sent our local politicians into hiding. Everyone right now, fears for their lives.

This started when the President tried to be forward in his efforts to extend his position. He was nearing the end of his second term as President, and according to inside sources, was adamant about staying. He argued that limiting the term of a President takes away from the people the opportunity to keep in office someone with high approval, even mentioning Roosevelt, and how he served three full terms, dying during his fourth. He further added to his argument that the 22nd Amendment was NOT part of the original documents and was added to the Constitution in 1951. There was nothing mentioned or outlined in our Constitution that would allow an extension of term and our President tried very hard to submit requests for a change to allow an extension under specific circumstances. But we still had some good guys in positions of authority within those closed doors that refused, without pause, any suggestions passed to them by the president regarding these changes. Behind his own closed doors our president hired an outsider who was very knowledgeable with the Constitution, the Patriot Acts and the laws that protected them. His hired cohort spent months researching and documenting ways around these stipulations. The outcome was a bogus 600 page document supporting his desire to invade Iran. Buried very deep within this thick document was a single sentence that outlined conditions for an extension of term or the postponement of elections for as long as the President saw fit. The President was correct in assuming the majority of Congress would again neglect to read the entire document, also packed with references to other documents, law books, and previous submissions. Because there were no specifics outlined in the original constitution, it was easy to “update” the Constitution to accommodate current conditions. Now included in our Constitution is a very specific explanation allowing the authority of the president himself to postpone or even cancel indefinitely our presidential elections with a majority backing of the Congress. Of course this took place AFTER the sudden retirement, deaths, and embarrassing resignations of those left in Congress that were fighting these amendments.
From what I understand, the conditions now outlined in our ‘revised’ constitution, allow a president to remain in office through such acts as homeland terror strikes, a declaration of war, internal civil war, and/or any form of unprecedented disaster both natural or man made. How convenient.

During much of 2006 North Korea stayed in the headlines, rattling their sabers, making boisterous threats to the USA and publicly testing their nuclear capabilities, all in an effort to get our attention. China had warned us to not interfere, and we agreed, until North Korea crossed the line when in late 2007 they fired a missile at the US, missing the coast of Alaska by 63 miles. With the presidential election so close, I can see now the historic significance and purpose of this attack from North Korea. Our president, true to his evil agenda, declared war on North Korea without interference from China. This, as stipulated now in our constitution, allowed our president to postpone elections. Again, we were all so distracted by the war we found ourselves in, that no one argued the president’s decision. We all assumed that once we put North Korea back into perspective, our country would regain its normalcy and we’d have our elections. No one, at that time, could have ever imagined the impact that little country would have on the USA.
The truth is, North Korea was never a threat and China knew this. North Korea was a well thought-out tool the current administration used to enact the President’s right to stay in office in case the new gun laws neglected to trigger an all out civil uprising.
In exchange for North Korea’s compliance was our agreement to rebuild their war-damaged country, resulting in even more of our troops sent overseas, totaling our foreign occupancy to around 1,320,000 men and women, most of which were volunteers who simply wanted to keep their guns.

By 2009 we had little military support on our homeland. We now occupied, through a series of events and other declarations of war, the majority of Middle Eastern nations, North Korea, and were starting to initiate plans to occupy China. The media were barred from flying overseas to report on these battles and the casualties resulting. They were reporting to us ONLY what was told them from military representatives of each nation. There were still photos not really showing anything fantastic accompanied by lists of our deceased, but in thinking back, there was NO real evidence being shown to us that indicated an actual war taking place.

In 2010, an announcement was made that Congress had stepped in and made the decision to open up elections, setting the date for November 2011. I’d long forgotten how annoying television was during election time. Each station aired relentlessly potential candidates vying for local approval. The media again highlighted Republican possibilities while giving little air time to Democratic potentials. It would be a civil uprising that would, once again, postpone elections.

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