Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chapter TWELVE

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, it was planned that way." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Project G.I., short for Global Imperialism. Ladies and Gentlemen, until now, no one else but the signatures you see have seen this. Very important and good people died so I could present this to you, people who were close to me.” Celeste got silent and very still for a moment, her eyes meeting mine. The look in her gaze gave her away; she knew I knew. “This was the first time I had ever considered that she may have actually cared about for the man on that recording; that her interactions with him could have been in some part sincere.

“All of you, all 421 of you, were selected after a very careful and meticulous screening process. This process included awareness of your daily schedule, your relationships, your beliefs, and whether or not you lived by them, your determination as well of where you are in life. Things like your attitude toward health and fitness were considered and compared to what you were seen buying at the grocery stores. Qualities that were imperative included a strong belief and practice in a life without doctors and synthetic medications. We considered your love of the outdoors, survival skills, your own personal examples of survival.” Noticing the curious and concerned looks on the audience’s faces, “Yes, we checked on your past quite extensively. We had learned the questions you asked became as important as the facts you shared. All of you shared a common passion and deep rooted belief in your country and what she TRULY stands for. And believe me, if there were any other way, choosing all of you wouldn’t have been considered.”

I’d like to say there was a break in the silence here, but I can’t. All I can describe is the very heavy aura that overwhelmed us all. I again looked around me and noticed there were faces that showed fear, anger, confusion and yes, total sadness. Sadness for allowing our selfish need for instant gratification to keep us from seeing what was happening on a larger scale around us. All this time our Constitution gave us permission to take charge when the charge elected crossed the line. We were so overwhelmed, so sensually overloaded, that we never saw this coming.

“Historians, dating as far back as this country’s birth, saw this possibility coming. That is why they created The Constitution. The ORIGINAL document that outlines the black and white, definitions to govern this land. Original laws which are now being redefined.

So many people are involved in this ideal. A large number of public influences feel deeply in their hearts that a unified global government would eliminate all the world’s conflicts. There would be no dispute over currency, religion, weaponry or laws of justice. Under this new Constitution, all nations would be governed by the same laws.

So tell me, who decides what punishment is justifiable? Some countries will chop off a hand for stealing. Many people, mostly women, are executed in some countries for the CRIME of adultery. Rape in some cases justifies execution of the victim for dressing provocatively or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Justice becomes determinate on the suspects involved and not the crime itself. Politics will dictate justice. And what if it’s decided that Christianity, say Catholicism alone, is the only acceptable religion? Can you consider the implications if this world is divided by race? What about a world where you are executed for radical self expression or even sharing your eccentric ideals to another? We already live in a world where our every move is monitored and recorded. Radicals will be terminated on sight. Freedom of expression that was allowed us in the infancy of this county now comes at the expense of bloodshed.” Celeste again got silent before the tears were seen building in her eyes.

“I love this country. She’s given me everything of which I could dream. I love the diversity shared in this country. I have the closest of friends, friends I’d never know if it wasn’t for this country’s open arms. I can learn about any heritage, any tradition, from anywhere in the world I desire, without ever hopping on a plane. History brought us here, whether it’s from slavery or escape, whether we came from tyranny or intended to create it. We are together from different sides of the world because of this beautiful country, her opportunities and her liberties. This makes us unique. This makes us coveted. And to live in harmony as evidence of our uniqueness is what’s necessary now to fight this new battle. If we are divided by prejudice, by the years of subliminal stereotyping that has fueled years of smoldering hatred, then “they” win. I will lose my Hispanic family, my African American family and my American status, as I’m Scottish. We will all be separated like marked cattle. I don’t want this! Do you?”

All was uncomfortably silent until the young woman next to me stood up and with determination in her voice, yelled “Hell NO!” then sat back down, regaining her quiet composure.

“I’m asking for your commitment to a cause worth dying for. I’m asking you all to take part in an unprecedented fight against this agenda.” The room remained eerily still until one gentleman stood up, erect and still, never a word spoken, as if he was at ‘attention.’ This was followed by two more men, then a few women, until we were all standing, showing our unwavering camaraderie.

Celeste broke the silence. “Thank you.” And with those simple two words, everyone returned to their seats, packets in laps, awaiting Celeste’s next revelation. "You have all been divided into groups of 20. You will find, taped to the bottom of your chair, a card. This card is your group letter. In the back of the auditorium are two hallways with 10 rooms off of each. They are all labeled with the appropriate letter. This is where you will meet your group. Each group has two instructors who will take you to an undisclosed location of their choosing. There, they will teach you everything you need to know about survival, combatant strategies, spying techniques,” pausing to acknowledge a few smiles at this revelation, “well, you all know where I’m going with this. These individuals are here to train you for your mission. It is imperative that you pay attention. Your survival will depend on it. We are here to give you the survival skills you need, whereas it’s up to you and you alone to get this message out. Our mission is simple; educate the masses. It’s our only weapon. You cannot fight an honest battle when it’s fueled with prejudicial hate. Once the majority of people feel the hate, they feel the actions of this hate, they see the repercussions of this hate, they will have no choice but to hate. Then it’s too late.

People are animals, and like animals, follow a pattern of predictable behavior, especially when it comes to survival. This is what “they” are counting on. If a person is scared enough to think their survival is threatened, they will kill. If you incite people with enough fear and hate, they will inevitably kill. Because this is to be considered a civil uprising, it will reduce the Government’s responsibility, allowing them to come in and extinguish the uprising in any manner they see fit. And, as predictably so, we will gladly give up whatever independence we have left for the comforts of security. This accomplishes two necessary steps to achieving Global Imperialism. We lessen the over all population to more manageable numbers who have then been frightened enough to willingly conform to their new global society.

The first to go will most likely be the largest threats, not only to this agenda but to anyone around them. These individuals are usually ones who are waiting for an event like this, anxious to take their guns in hand and shoot. So, for the most part it will be the undesirables that wipe each other out first. But once those obvious extremists and stereotypes are out of the way, where will that hate be directed next? It will be at you and me. There will be no superior race. NO one will be immune to an all out Race war. Rest assured, people, someone out there will hate you for the color of your skin, your hair,” now looking at a young Jewish man, “and your beliefs.” She was almost whispering now, “and they will kill you.

Preparations have been long and tedious, its blueprint laid out decades ago, and the base and foundation already poured. They are relying on human nature, the easily predictable responses common among all human beings in times of crisis. We’ve already identified over 50 Isolation camps across the country. Who do you think will be taken to those camps? It will be anyone they determine a rebel. It will be anyone NOT chipped.” Celeste kneels on the stage before a very nice looking black woman, looking her straight in the eyes, “It will be you and me.” There was a long pause, allowing us all to soak in the reality of what’s being presented to us.
“Our planet’s history has already experienced this form of tyranny. As a species, we consistently fail to learn from our mistakes. We can’t fail this time. Quite literally, the absolute preservation of this country relies on us.” And just like that, without applause, without so much as a bow, encore or thank you, she was off the stage.

I reached under my seat, but couldn’t find a card there. I stood up, looked around my chair, lifted my chair over my head to get a clear look underneath, and still there was no card. I put the chair down feeling a bit embarrassed at my obvious confusion, then turned back toward the stage, only to find Mr. Bright standing, once again, entirely too close to me.

“You’re going to HAVE to teach me how to do that!” trying not to sound as uncomfortable as I felt. “I don’t have a card under my seat.”

“I know. Please come with me.”

“I have to tell you, I’m feeling a bit fingered here.” Not sure if he knew what I meant, “like I’m being singled out.”

“You are Daniel. Daniel, do you know how many people you’ve reached with the 9/11 information given you? You’ve reached an audience larger than those of this entire meeting put together. You produced mini-films for privately owned video sharing sites, mockumentary DVDs cleverly riddled with facts, fictional publications with obvious truth outlined and explained under the guise of bogus characters. Daniel, your ingenuity and success is why you are, as you put it, fingered.”

Andrew led me down a hallway opposite the assigned halls in which the crowd was now gathering. The long walk seemed ominous when the quickly fading voices of 400 people became overshadowed by the echoes of our own footfall. I looked as much around me as possible in the now dimming lights, respecting in total awe the majesty of this place, before breaking the hypnotic effect of our echoed strides with yet another stupid question. “So is this place an abandoned military base or something?”

“No, and that too will be explained to you.” Andrew stopped before a door with only the numbers 987 etched onto a plaque that hung in the center. “Daniel, it’s been a pleasure,” reaching out to shake my hand, “Please, be very careful and pay close attention to Celeste, she’s the best we have.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I said while shaking his hand. I watched him for a minute or so as he continued walking down the hall, listening now to only his footsteps, until they faded away into silence.

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