Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chapter SIX

“An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child in this great nation.
We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and to protect our homeland.”
- Adolf Hitler 1930

I spent many long hours on the internet sharing what I’d learned on every conspiracy site still operating. I created short films, elaborate websites, and even incorporated my own “self-destruct” links to include information on PNAC, information on our voting scandals and evidence of deliberate ignorance from those who could have prevented the atrocities of 9/11. I devoted much of my time breaking down and simplifying the Patriot Act so that all those interested could understand completely the permission this document grants our government.

Reflecting back to that movie and comparing the recent military actions, it became very clear to me that the idea of a New World Order was very much the agenda, with prominent individuals who truly desire a universal government. I tried to rationalize how something of this magnitude could be accomplished. A New World Order would have to include every nation and every leader of these nations as well as every individual that resides in these nations. The magnitude of this seemed improbable.

First and foremost we must convert all nations to a Democratic type of government. This concept was in the making long before September 11th and is well documented as The Charter for Global Democracy which by pre-9/11 had already been signed by influential leaders in 56 nations, supported by civil society non-government organizations worldwide. With roughly 193 countries around the world, this document outlined 12 basic principles to accomplish a universal governing system. These principles include an “International Code of Conduct”, the consolidation of all international agencies under the authority of the United Nations, an independent revenue source for the U.N., eliminating the veto power and permanent member status of a Security Council, the creation of a standing UN army with required registration of ALL arms, the reduction of all national armies, an International Criminal Court, an International Environmental Court and cancellation of all debts owed by poor nations, allowing for an equal sharing of global resources allocated by the UN.

This concept is not new, our 28th president Woodrow Wilson was faced with the decision to join the League of Nations, a unified organization established to promote peace that led to the end of WWI. Its document included Articles 11 through 17, outlining the steps needed for the establishment of a Permanent Court of International Justice. It was this article that resulted in the United States refusal to join, which eventually led to the collapse of the League of Nations opening the doors for what’s now our United Nations. Throughout our country’s history, the idea of global unity had been reviewed and discussed, with a history of rejection due to the ultimate sacrifice of personal freedom. But times have now changed. The violence worldwide, the indiscretions of many prominent figures and the racial tensions are changing the long rejected ideal of a universal governing system. With the help of the media and a leader whose supporters in office now embrace these ideals, we are on the brink of seeing the birth of what may soon be referred to as American Imperialism.

We had already seen the beginning stages of this with our conflict in Iraq during the early years of our president’s reign. After 9/11 our president made his speech to protect this country by taking offensive steps against the enemy he labeled Al Qaeda, followed by aggressive actions in other Middle Eastern nations. Through lies and deception he changed his course of action toward the specific nation of Iraq. We took out their leader and introduced to the people the idea of a Democracy, which many embraced with new-found hope. Our struggles there were at the hands of those who resented our efforts to change how they ruled their own country. We labeled them insurgents; enemy of the people and of our country. Our president stated anyone who didn’t join us were to be considered our enemy. This action, regardless of the truth becoming widely known of its deceptive beginnings, did not cease our leader’s effort or intentions to waiver. We now have about 124 nations who climbed aboard the “Global Democracy” train.

It is also around this time that my own personal train to disaster took a different turn. In my research I stumbled upon an FBI brochure that specifically outlined a “terrorist.” Right-Wing Extremists included, and I quote, “defenders of US Constitution against the federal government and the UN,” which they affectionately labeled “Super Patriots”. This frightened me as I fit this definition. As much as I love this country, I felt a strong urge to leave. It wasn’t until I applied for a passport that I discovered how deeply rooted I had become in all this. My application was denied. I made some phone calls to a few close contacts and learned that my name now appeared on the infamous NO-Fly list given to all government offices and airlines. I knew I had pissed someone off enough to deem me a possible threat. The outline now used to identify terrorists include all names on the No-Fly list as well as anyone who didn’t support our government. I was certain our government had a new program established to watch all known terrorists, including those they referred to as ‘home-grown terrorists,’ which is what I had been labeled. What I didn’t know was by whom specifically or even why. I must have come close to some truths that were meant to stay secret. The 9/11 information had become wide spread and known to just about anyone who cared, so this was not the case; and the New World Order was such an old conspiracy that most people dismissed it is as a fairy tale.

My computer had also become so infected with various viruses that every time I tried to log on to report or research, I would get bombarded with pop-up ads meant to distract me, intentionally sending me to more bullshit sites each time I tried to close them out. All these invasive efforts on “their” part forced me to use outside sources to spread my information around. I invested my personal funds into private newsletters that I’d mail to every name in my phone book. I made my own videos with references to websites and literature that supported my claims. I used library computers or went to friends’ homes to get online and research.

Although my home remained secure, my office had been invaded twice since I began my mission of understanding. At one time I found that all our computers had been destroyed, a costly price to pay. As an American who believes in personal freedom of choice I wanted to keep any further intrusive encounters away from anyone who didn’t invite them through their actions, so I discontinued any personal activities at the office and tried my best to limit anyone else’s involvement in my research or disbursement of information.

Each time my computer became infected, I would dump the hard drive and reload only the basic software. I invested in numerous old motherboards and hard drives for those nasty bugs that completely destroyed my computer. I made sure to have everything necessary on hand in case I stumbled on some life-changing information that had to be exposed. The more they tried to stop me the more adamant and rebellious I became. It never occurred to me that I was dealing with individuals who could wipe my existence off the face of this planet without ever touching a hair on my body.

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