Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chapter TWO

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President…. shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.” – Amendment XXIV, section 1

November 2000. Remember this date. This is when things turned, where the first stones were laid for the foundation of a new government, a government that no longer supported the Constitution. There have been incidences prior to this date, scandals that set the ground work for future actions, but these events were unimportant at the time. Who cared that our previous president was a womanizer….the big picture will show you that the scandals highlighted at that time conveniently covered up the truth and distracted us from important decisions and movements overseas that directly affect the current state of affairs. Distraction is the most commonly used tool, and the media, our trusted sources of information, were the pawns used to carry out the plans.

November 2000, the media shared with us the results of the election. It was within days that scandal again erupted; speculated evidence of a bogus election. Names like Katherine Harris and Jebb Bush were mentioned but only as a “filler” story. News of celebrity tribulations made headlines, while information of voter rolls being manipulated by the likes of Ms. Harris and Bush were lost to the majority of young viewers. No one listened and no one knew that these characters intentionally removed over 57 thousand names from the voter roll. No one knew that Jebb Bush ordered the disenfranchisement of thousands of Black voters. I too bought into the distractions, focusing more on the lives of celebrities, becoming deeply invested in my own personal agendas, not really caring one way or another how our president made office. I had believed for a long time that elections, for the most part, were nothing more than a fabricated illusion to keep the masses believing they still had control. This particular election simply validated my long standing opinion.

But some people didn’t forget. They still talked about it a year later, discussing amongst themselves in their homes or at the office how this could possibly have happened. The media played up insignificant stories about local school shootings or religious fanatics offended by certain publications. Gay marriages and the demand for equality made big news for some time. We had stories covering our newspapers about atheists working to ban prayers from schools, lawyers suing for having “IN GOD WE TRUST” in our pledge of allegiance, recording artists unable to sell their art due to some folks finding their material offensive. Yet no one recognized how slyly the media informed us that actions were being taken to appease these individuals. All the while there were people like me, bitching and whining at the subtlety being used to slowly take our freedoms away. Yet the only voices being heard were the ones demanding change. There were no publicized arguments to their demands. So as quietly as possible those changes were made. Another small step towards the gradual deterioration of our rights; rights that our president had sworn to protect.

In looking back, I think the government became comfortable with the idea that most of this country’s citizens were too complacent and comfortable to see or even act upon these infringements of rights. No one was paying attention. No one cared, so much so that no one saw what was coming.

Because the election scandal was exposed, our newly elected president lost a majority of public approval. Freedom of speech still existed and the internet, with sites like GLP, became important instruments in exposing this scandal to as many people as possible, not just nationally, but globally. It wasn’t obvious at the time, but our government was in a secret war with the public. The freedom of speech and the internet’s instant exposure were our weapons, and we the people, were winning this battle.

Then it happened. That one event that shook the very foundation of security this country possessed. On September 11th 2001 we all witnessed the attacks from the comfort of our homes and offices. The World Trade Centers, a highly recognized symbol of strength, had always been a target. So much business and money circulated through those two buildings alone that many believed their destruction would stall our entire country. We stood in disbelieving shock as we watched, wide-eyed, the second plane hit the second tower. We all screamed in horror as we watched those towers fall. No one thought any differently that the culprits were terrorists. And we were right. It was terrorists who destroyed those buildings. The Pentagon was also hit, but somehow news of this wasn’t as traumatic or impressionable as seeing those towers collapse into nothing more than dust and twisted remnants of steel that used to keep secure the people that trusted its solid structure. A structure intentionally built to withstand an impact from the largest commercial jet operating at that time, the 707.

This event was rewarded with the anticipated and correctly predicted responses from the American people. Reactions overseas were startlingly accurate as well. Once again the news reported a massive exodus from different nations in the Middle East, people instantly driven to pack up their few belongings and leave their beloved country. The people in this country showed their support in every way possible. The military saw an influx of hate filled volunteers eager to retaliate with a vengeance.

All of these reactions….were exactly what was wanted, expected, and achieved. Our president made his great speech. He, for the first time since his election, looked like a hero; a savior to this country now bruised from its attack. He basked in his new found acceptance with promises of swift retaliation and capture of the now infamous enemy, publicly deemed al Qaeda, headed by the notorious Osama Bin Laden. These names were unfamiliar to most of us until this day; kept secret with the exception of a few select individuals who knew what to expect.

Still no one saw any of these events as part of this secret war between government and people. We had won one battle only to be outdone by our enemy. An enemy that had far more resources to use against us when needed. It became clear to me that our ONLY weapon of defense is knowledge and the unlimited resources to share our knowledge world-wide.

Information that I started to intensely research and scrutinize only to be convinced of it’s authenticity. GLP was my home base in which I shared all I’d learned so far, only to be rewarded with even more logical theories regarding those falling buildings.

For example: Anything FREE falling falls at a specific rate of speed. Free falling. That’s an unobstructed fall. A ball tossed from the roof of one of those towers, in a vacuum like situation, would hit the pavement below in about 10 seconds. Thinking now to those two towers, both towers fell to the ground in perfect pancake formation in less than 10 seconds. LESS than 10 seconds! The explanation given the public was that jet fuel burned so hot that it melted and/or weakened the structures below the impact site to such a degree that once one floor gave way the weight of all above that floor simply collapsed in perfect form…in less than 10 seconds. So as trustworthy American citizens, we were not to question how a structure intentionally built to withstand a collision with a commercial jet can simply disintegrate to dust in less than 10 seconds due to hot jet fuel. We were supposed to assume the fuel was hot enough to compromise all the reinforcement in the steel structures holding each floor to such an extent as to eliminate the obstructive nature those lower floors SHOULD’VE had once the towers started falling. Which meant that hot jet fuel would’ve had to travel their damaging path many floors below the impact site, and in such a manner that the reinforced wall to wall framing on each level would be severely compromised, thus allowing for hundreds of feet of free-falling steel.

The years that followed the attack were eventful to say the least. Very subtly the focus shifted from Bin Laden to Saddam Hussein, ruler of Iraq. Saddam’s name hadn’t been in the news for quite some time, and his history to our president goes back many years when he tried to orchestrate an assassination of a former president, who coincidentally was the father of our current president. For a while we were convinced that Saddam was harboring Al Qaeda members as well as weapons of mass destruction. Weapons we were told would threaten even further the security of our country. It took another year before the truth hit mainstream news that the charges against Saddam were in fact invalidated, but only after we had sent thousands overseas to fight him and his alliance. We had captured Saddam, ending his threat to our country without any evidence of our accusations. But this didn’t end our relationship with Iraq. We were led to believe that it was our duty to help restructure their government, making it like ours, a democracy where the people were once again led to believe they were now in control.

Bin Laden was kept in the news when needed. It was uncanny how predictable Bin Laden’s name would surface, always followed by a need to vamp up spying rights, monitor free speech on the internet and phones or tap into anyone’s home. Reports of new threats from Bin Laden would surface when the people started questioning too much, yet no more attacks ever took place on our soil. Not from this enemy anyway.

October 26, 2001 the first version of the Patriot Act was approved by majority vote from congressmen WE ELECTED, that later admitted to never reading the document they approved. The Patriot Act, a carefully and deliberately thought out document outlining the circumstances needed for the law enforcers to impose themselves on the American public, under the guise of terrorist deterrence. I had the opportunity back then to read the Patriot Act, and this document frightened me more than any terrorist. It was pages and pages of referencing. Referencing documents that weren’t available or were so encased in political lingual that anyone not educated in politics and law could possibly understand. However, buried within these numbers and coded references were small sentences that included the right to retain our children if such a thing as marshal law were to happen, or the unlimited authority to enter and tap the conversations of anyone “they” deem to be a threat.

Questions once again lingered uneasily in my mind. How did they come up with the Patriot Act so quickly after 9/11? Anyone who has read the Patriot Act will understand the significance of this question. If it was purposely drafted as a result of the 9/11 attacks, than how is it possible something this elaborate, this extensive, could be available for approval in such a short time? And how does this fit in with my assumptions about 9/11 being planned?

To summarize this information, we have a bogus election where thousands of votes were not accounted for, an attack on this country that made a hero out of an otherwise disliked president, illogical explanations to the collapse of those twin towers, followed by The Patriot Act which is a blanket order for the government to now openly impose themselves and take action on ANYONE they think may be a terrorist or terrorist friendly without going through the normal legal protocol followed by the invasion and take over of Iraq. These events were starting to appear as a deliberately planned process that must go through its stages in order to achieve the desired outcome. However, at this time in my story, the outcome, the ultimate purpose for all of this was still unknown to me.

What I had learned so far infuriated me. I was disgusted with myself for initially believing what I was told, for being as gullible as the government wanted me to be. I intentionally became a loud voice on GLP. In doing so, I never acknowledged the funny clicks I heard on my phone lines or the way my computer would suddenly freeze when trying to open what could’ve been important information, only to discover later that message was no longer available. I ignored the oddity of strangers suddenly wanting to introduce themselves to me and I made excuses for why my office was never how I left it the night before. Many times I’d come in to find my computer on, or papers not where I previously filed them. It still hadn’t occurred to me at that time how I had unintentionally made myself obvious to the government. I had become marked for observation.


  1. Although I don't necessarily agree with the individual conspiracies listed so far in the short two chapters I've read, I agree with the larger idea of government takeover, made more so dangerous and imminent with the present administration, which the media elected, along with the organizations that defrauded the voter rolls. Truly many of the American people have had enough and are seeing the direction the government is taking.

  2. Well at long last I have just slid from the intro, the first chapter and now chapter 2 and still found myself disappointed. (Sireen, My hats off to you!)

    So here we now have an aussie guy--a spy or the dead or undead youknowwho or whatever, hmmm and of course passage of time and he/she is still obsessed by the awesomely falling twin towers, too perfectly falling to be real and yet wouldn't that be that way anyway; the slow-mtion gracefullness of the collaspe of a building which shouldn't have collasped at all. You know like that 747 jetliner thats fuseluge shouldn't have torn and broken away. I mean I can even imagine at the beauty that the girl ship The Titiantic sinking itself into the fridgid nothern Atlantic midnight dark waters in a clutzy and over-burdened and starkingly clumsy way. Of course not! She'd only of course being the grand duchess go down in a smooth and sultry way, true to form,

    The prose now has u too tight within it's death grip for you to ever dare to try and let go. This is written in the vein of a journailst. Theroies of this and how could it have been real; a plot and yet why? Then there was heors loneliness and depression and because of all these mixed up and confused emotions lead him to see into what's not really there. The Astronomer/higher-caliber science, vip websites that just disappeared leads you to the realization that could 9/11 have been a set-up? And yet if so why. I'll get back soon on this. Bye take care for now

    August 20, 2009

  3. I meant to say not disappointed oh my!

  4. and now to start up again: and yet a few lines you realize he's In The Know Now. Or could he have been tipped off. could he be a spy from Russia or Iraq or Iran? Or is he plotter/the great deciever/belliever, seeker or just someone out to expose the unbelieveable truth>

    Do we even know truth or try to deny it. Government orgy-glory or outside catasasphre influence? And into chapter 2, there is so much truth as about the 2000 presidental election being fought and won by a rich man's much richer Mother and Father. And the accuracy on those events leading up to the take over and perhaps threats to Al Gore and how we all had been so involved in other things such as celebrities and our lives/troubles we just couldn't see behind the mask of these corrupt and ruthless people and now look what we are now involved it. More political unrest, perhaps overthrow of our government and the long-standing consequences of that and how angry the citizens have become. We were, what it seemed lost in a world of make-believe, like back duing the latter 1960s and Vietnam and President Richard Nixon and the watergates coverup. Now we are back repeating history as this story goes on it even leads up to that. I really like it a lot.